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The Libertas Institute is an independent think tank aimed at the research and development of ideas and solutions that optimize human wellness, progress, and potential.

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About us


The Libertas Institute is a new kind of think tank. We’re a collective of independent research scholars who study Applied Social Theory. We study social problems, propose solutions, and then collaborate to implement those solutions.

In other words— we bridge the ivory and corporate towers to optimize and actualize positive social change.

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The R & D of

social change.

Projects in development

The MTHR Project

The MTHR Project is a new-paradigm socioeconomic megaproject that applies social theory to economic theory in order to introduce, model, and promote an innovative and optimized system of social economy and with it a new paradigm in social thought, global economics, and human development.

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Project : Divorce Solutions

Divorce Solutions is a project that strives to enhance the process, experience, and outcomes for families and individuals navigating the complexities of family law. We explore new approaches and offer research-based solutions. This project seeks to contribute to the advancement of family-centric solutions, promote fairness and equality, and drive positive change in the field of Family Law.

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Project : Libertas

The Libertas Project is a project to expand the institute itself in order to; support the MTHR Project, provide research and ongoing support for the resulting ecosystem and to replicate this comprehensive and multifaceted approach towards problem-solving for social change and societal improvement.

Theory into Practice

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We’re not just a think tank… we’re also a community.

We’re a group of people who care about other people and who care about making the world better.

So if that’s you— we’d love for you to join us on this change-making journey. And we would appreciate your support in any form:

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Ideas are great. But putting ideas into action is even better!

If you’re a research scholar in any field and would like to join us for a particular project or general research, let’s connect!

We would love to hear from you.


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The et Libertas Institute is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on the support of its membership, grants, and donors to provide services.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting this cause.

What is Applied Social Theory?

Applied Social Theory is an emergent field of study in which social theory and social phenomena are explored, examined, and analyzed in the context of relevant systemic, societal, and social applications.

In other words, Applied Social Theory is all about putting theory into practice. And that’s what we do.

We study people, systems, society, and social issues in order to INNOVATE and INSPIRE positive social change.

Areas of research

    • 4th sector, social enterprise, decentralized social enterprise
    • Including blockchain, fintech, ai.
    • The theory and practice of social change
    • The cross-section of psychology and social theory.

    • The crossroads of political and economic systems.
    • Decentralization and defi, platforms, networks, and governance models.
    • Metaphysics. Self. Meaning. Spiritual formation. Self-actualization. Self-development movement. EQ. Trauma theory.
    • Imagery as language. Universal symbols and myths.



We are on a mission to synergize economic interests with human interests in order to motivate, facilitate, and expedite positive social change on a broad scale so that all individuals may thrive and society may flourish.


Veritas et Libertas = Truth and Liberty

Above all and for the good of all, we value these, in accordance with the universal spirit and nature of love.

  • Unity
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Care.

It’s difficult to thrive when you’re struggling to survive. And for most people in the world, life is just that— a struggle to survive or to just get by. And it doesn’t need to be this way. At the Libertas Institute, we see the world the way it is, but we also see the way it could be. And this is our vision:

We see a world in which all men and women are free to pursue truth, peace, and purpose. A world in which self-interest finds balance with the interests of all. A world in which the institutions we too often serve, serve us ahead of themselves. A world in which all people are cared for and feel safe—freed from the need to survive, to pursue what is needed to thrive. A world in which all human needs are met and individual potential is realized. And a world in which our collective potential is then, self-actualized.

And we are determined to imagine, design, and build this future for the world— one project at a time.

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